Devon Rae Tracy



about Me

My name is Devon Rae Tracy and I offer unique services catering to the mind, body, & spirit of women & mamas throughout the Central,IL area. I am passionate about mothering not only my own two children(see video below), but providing holistic care & nurturing for expectant and postpartum mamas as well as women navigating any season of life. Yes, even mother’s need mothering and sometimes all of us need a sister on call to help support us through one of life’s transformations. I’m here for you. When I tell folks the breadth of the services I offer and that such services exist they often exclaim, “That’s a real thing?! There’s actually a person for that?!”, yes indeed there is!

The word “Doula” means “woman of service” in Greek, and that’s exactly my mission, to radically care for & serve radical women during the most transformational seasons of life. When I say “radical women”, I mean women who love, laugh, and live with all their hearts…which I think, is all of us. And when I say radical care, I mean the kind of care that leaves your heart,tummy, and soul full. Women give life to our world in so many ways and they deserve to feel intentionally supported and lifted up no matter what season they are in. It is my privilege to provide warm, intentional, and comprehensive doula care to women and families in Central, IL.